Lessons Learned Minas Passage

Operational Excellence Consulting Inc., Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE), and Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA)  have teamed up to capture lessons learned from marine operations in the Minas Passage. The project involves information that is shared from developers and contractors who have been performing marine operations in the past number of years. The purpose is to help the tidal industry in Nova Scotia by sharing information about operations and experiences while operating in the conditions that are unique to the Minas Passage.

The report includes a detailed overview of the resources used while performing marine activities in the Minas Passage such as:

1. Types of Vessels 

2. Types of equipment

3. Diving Operations

4. Challenges

5. Environmental limitations 

6. Environmental Monitoring Equipment

7. Instrumentation Technology (SONAR etc.)

8. Vendors

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